Stop The Guesswork, No More One-size-fits-all Nutrition

Get your unique BioCurect PERSONALIZED NUTRITION ROADMAP from your hair for the best health ever!

Introduction to Arbor Vitae Hair Analysis Program

Personalized nutrition, focused on your unique health and body

  • Your CurrentHealth Report
    What is your current health state:

    Snapshot of minerals, toxins, heavy metals, metabolic structure, positive and negative food groups

  • RecommendationReport
    What do we recommend:

    A report about your recommended minerals and foods, minimizing heavy metals and toxins, and optimizing your metabolism

  • BioCurect™Supplement Program
    What are your supplement options:

    30-day program

    60-day program

    90-day program

  • WellnessPlan
    How we help you stay on track:

    Recurring hair analysis test.

    Ongoing plan for supplements based on your individual results

Arbor Vitae Nutrition brings you the personalized nutrition program, focused on your unique health and body. We use a scientific, medically-proven methodology to cater to your specific nutritional needs through a customized program designed for the most successful outcome – your best health ever! Our ancillary products will enhance this process as you step into the Final Frontier of Nutrition. No more guesswork or one-size-fits-all as this is all For Your Body Only.

Your Biochemical Individuality

holds the keys to your wellness destiny.

Learn More About Hair Analysis

There are more than 3,000 tests that can be done to assess the human body's health. Yet the current health system covers only 3-5%, while prescribed medication does not address the root cause of disease. Find out why you should Take The Test!

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